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How is Transportation in Morocco ?

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Intercities Transportation in Morocco:

Al-Boraq – The Moroccan High-Speed Train

The Moroccan High-Speed Train, called Al boraq, is the fastest train in the African continent. Al boraq’s vehicles are built by the same French company ALSTOM that built the French TGVs. So, these Moroccan high-speed trains are equipped similarly and you can expect the same level of comfort as you get on the French TGVs.

Currently, you can take Al boraq to travel between these cities: Casablanca, Rabat, Kenitra and Tangier.

So, instead of spending up to 6 and a half hours with normal trains between Casablanca and Tangier, you will make it just in 2 hours. 

ATLAS Trains circuits in Morocco

Normal trains, called ATLAS, are available between Marrakech and Tangier and also in the northeast part of Morocco going through Fes city until Oujda city.

To book online your train ticket for both high-speed or normal trains, you can go to the National Railways Office (ONCF) website, and then you choose among the options the train you prefer (ATLAS or AL BORAQ).

transportation in morocco

Intercities buses

The famous comfortable intercities bus companies are CTM and SUPRATOURS which is a subsidiary of the National Railways Office (ONCF) and provides continuations by buses for areas not served by train such as all the south part of Morocco.

In every city, you have big intercities buses station where you can find a lot of low-cost companies that might be an alternative if you are a budget traveler or the CTM and Supratours buses don’t go to your destination.

Transportation inside cities


There are two types of taxis in Morocco: the big ones called “Grand Taxi” and the small ones called “Petit taxi”. Also, the taxis color may differ from one city to another. For example in Marrakech, the big and the small taxis are yellow and in Fes, Casablanca and Agadir city, the big taxis are white and the small ones are red.

Grand Taxi (Big Taxi)

transportation in Morocco
Some white taxis ( Grand Taxi ) in the old medina of Fes city.
A grand taxi is authorized to take up to 6 passengers, you pay per seat and it takes people anywhere inside as well as outside the city. So, the first thing you need to do after stopping a grand taxi, is asking about the direction the driver is going.

Petit Taxi (Small Taxi)

transportation in Morocco
A row of Red small taxis ( Petit Taxi ) in Fes city.
A petit taxi is authorized to take, only inside the city, a maximum of three passengers and you are charged according to the counter. So, the longer your trip the more you pay. 
You can stop the petit taxi wherever you are, inside the city and you tell the driver where you want to go. In case you stop a taxi where you see already one or two passengers inside, the driver may accept or not if your destination is not or far from the driver’s trajectory to the other passengers’ destinations.

Public Buses

transportation in Morocco
Public bus in Fes city near the old medina

Wherever you are in Morocco, you can find buses and the more you are far from the city the less the bus frequency is.


At the moment I am writing this article, there is Tramway just in two cities: Casablanca and Rabat.

After reading this article, if you still have questions about transportation in Morocco, write them in the comments section below.

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