The Red City – Things To Do in Marrakech, Morocco

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Marrakech ” the Red City “, is an exciting and the most tourist captivating destination in Morocco. it is located 184 km from Essaouira and 251 km from Agadir. To organize your stay more easily, we have listed for you what to do in Marrakech.

Tourist Attractions/What to do in Marrakech?

The red city offers beautiful scenery and fascinating architecture. It has lots of interesting places that will not make you hesitate twice when you have to take your plane tickets to visit this city. 

Jemaa el Fna Square

Marrakech’s visit begins with the exploration of the unique place, Jemaa-el-Fna square. You can enjoy watching snake charmers, street food stalls, souvenir shops, traditional dancers, folkloric music shows, storytellers,…etc. It is the center of the city, where tourists and locals meet to enjoy the atmosphere and have fun.

Tanjia and  Mechoui

Mechoui and Tanjia are a must-eat while you are in Marrakech. You can enjoy the Mechoui meal in a 3minutes walk from Jemaa El Fna square in Derb Semmarine ( the exact location on the map below) and there are also guided Moroccan food tours.

Concerning Tanjia, if you ask any Moroccan what is the famous traditional food referring to Marrakech, the answer will be Tanjia and there are many local restaurants around the city serving this delicious dish. 

The Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque is located near Jemaa-el-Fna Place and whose minaret overlooks the surroundings. You will not miss either the Ben-Youssef Madrasa, a Koranic school whose architecture is breathtaking.

Menara Gardens

Away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, stroll through the famous Marrakech romantic Menara Gardens between olive groves and ponds. These gardens date back to the reign of the Almohad dynasty in the 12th century and were established around a lake.

Majorelle Garden

what to do in Marrakech morocco majorelle garden

Majorelle Garden, a botanical garden with blue colors, is unmissable in the new city. The garden belonged to a fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and when he died in 2008, his ashes were scattered in the garden.

Drink Moroccan Tea

drink moroccan tea what to do in Marrakech morocco

The Moroccan mint tea is sweet and you may notice that Moroccans are used to drink it any time during the day. During the hot season, you can refresh yourself with this healthy Mint Tea and you will not feel tired of it. 

Shopping In Souks

shopping in teh souk example of what to do in Marrakech morocco

If you are looking for typical Moroccan gadgets as a gift for your family or friends, the souk is a good choice, and keep in mind that haggling is common in Morocco especially in shops with non-fixed prices to get a good deal. So, you must be willing to haggle and if you know some Moroccan Arabic words, do not hesitate to use them ;-). 

Relaxing On a Rooftop

relaxing on the rooftop is a things to do in marrakech morocco

If you like to relax and watch people go by from the rooftops, there are many terraces on the rooftops of Marrakech. So, you can have a sit there, drink something, and keeping an eye on what’s going on down.


In addition, to learn about Marrakech city history, you have to visit museums to enjoy some beautiful architectures of the red city. In the center of Marrakech,  there is a museum in Dar Mnebhi Palace ( see picture above ). The palace was built at the end of the 19th century and is a perfect example of classical Andalusian architecture.

Marrakech Palm Groves ( Palmeraie of Marrakech )

Exploring The Palmeraie of Marrakech (Palm Groves) is possible by riding a camel or a quad. It has more than 100,000 trees on about 15,000 hectares.

Atlas Mountains

You can get to the Atlas Mountains in a few hour’s drive from Marrakech. While you are in Marrakech, you have to go there. Going to the Atlas Mountains is well worth a day trip because the view from the mountains is superb. When you are there, over rivers flowing on the slopes of the mountain, you will cross small bridges. Also, The temperature may drop, so bring a jacket or sweater and suitable shoes for the mountains.

Ourika Valley  ( 60 kilometers southeast of Marrakech )

The most popular excursion from Marrakech is the one to Ourika Valley. When you follow the Ourika river, you can admire the beautiful landscape of the High Atlas, totally different from what you can see in Marrakech city. There are lots of points to visit as a tourist :

  • Setti-Fatma ( small village );
  • Ourika Waterfalls;
  • Traditional Berber houses;
  • Traditional markets: you can discover many popular markets like the one of Ourika (Monday market), Aghbalou ( Thursday market ).  In case you arrive in the valley from the mountains, there is the one of Tahanout ( Thuesday ) and Asni ( Saturday ).  

When you arrive in Setti-Fatma for example, it is easy to find a local tour guide and from this village, there are excursions organized to see Ourika waterfalls.

Discover Oukaimeden Summits

Oukaïmeden is 75 km from Marrakech and its summit is 3200 meters. The ski area is between 2,500 and 3,200 meters above sea level. For persons interested in skiing, it is better to go from December to March or April to enjoy quality snow. This area also offers many attractions and during the summer, you can admire beautiful nature and rock carvings.

Ouzoud waterfalls

Ouzoud waterfalls are located 150 kilometers in the north of Marrakech and are the largest and most beautiful in Morocco. At a height of 110 meters, the waterfalls dominate a wild nature made of olives, fig, and almond trees. Moroccans and tourists go there to get fresh air and enjoy this bucolic atmosphere and landscape. The waterfalls are reached by small paths and once you are at the foot of the falls, you will have the opportunity to ride in a small boat to be closer to the waterfalls. In addition, at the foot of the falls, there are small restaurants to have lunch with a breathtaking view of the waterfalls, and there are many guided day trips from Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls.

Marrakech Places Location on The Map

Best Accommodations in Marrakech

In case you are looking for the best accommodation in Marrakech, you can enter the specific area you are interested in and you will get many suggestions in the map view below:

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