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Getting Sim Card and Internet In Morocco

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As a traveler, getting a sim card and internet access after landing in a new country, is very important. In this post, we will see the three telecom companies present in Morocco and useful advice about a Moroccan sim card, getting mobile data, Moroccan telecom operators’ services, and some places where to get free wifi.

Telecom Companies in Morocco

There are three telecom operators in Morocco and their coverage is present in all of Morocco with some slight differences depending on the areas you are in especially outside cities. In general, no coverage problems in cities.

The three Moroccan Telecom Companies are:

Best Moroccan Operator Coverage

Maroc Telecom is the oldest and the biggest telecom company in the country and you won’t have trouble with your phone signal since it provides reasonable coverage for pretty much most of the areas in Morocco. However, since sim cards are cheap in Morocco, I’d advise you to get also an Orange or Inwi sim card in case you need a second option in the countryside or desert where you may have a weak signal in some areas.

Where to buy Sim Card in Morocco?

Getting a sim card is not a big issue and you can get it wherever you are in the city at the telecom operators’ agencies or even at the small grocery shops where you can also recharge it and you can usually get 1GB for just 1$. 

You can also get a sim card for free upon your arrival at the airport in Morocco as most Moroccan airports have free sim booths where they give them for free.

In case you need just mobile internet, you do not need a Moroccan sim card and you can use famous apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or Skype for internet phone calls over wifi.

Internet in Morocco

The three Moroccan telecom operators are internet providers and offer contract and no-contract internet plans.

No-contract internet plans:

The three operators offer no-contract plans and you need just to buy from them a router with a sim card and then you will get wifi at your place with a monthly payment.

Contract internet plans:

You can also have a modem for wifi with a contract. In this case, the modem price usually becomes cheaper or for free.
If you are willing to live in the same place for a long period, it’s better to have internet with a landline contract plan over the optical fiber if the installation of this technology is already available in your neighborhood. ADSL internet with a landline contract plan could be your second option if you can’t have the Optical fiber at your place.

For more information, you can go to the telecom operators agencies nearby.

Where can I get free wifi in Morocco? 

You can get free WiFi in airports, Macdonald’s, libraries, hotels, and in almost all cafes where you just need to consume something to get the wifi password.

Other Tips:

How to call Morocco from abroad?

To call Morocco from abroad, you type “00” or ” + ”  + The code of Morocco (212) + The phone number without the first 0.

For example, if I want to call this Moroccan number: 06xxxxxxxx  I will type  002126xxxxxxxx or +2126xxxxxxxx.

How to call from Morocco abroad?

To call any country from Morocco, you type in the following order: “00” or “+” + The country code + Area/City code (if any) + Phone number.

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