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Personally, I experienced learning the local languages in Asia which helped me a lot to feel more connected to locals, have more facilities in my daily conversations, especially with those who do not speak the languages I speak, and get deeper into the culture. So, as a foreigner planning to visit or live in Morocco, learning Moroccan Arabic (DARIJA) spoken widely in the kingdom, and knowing about Moroccan culture will be very useful to enjoy your stay in a rich country like Morocco.

What will I learn in The Course?

In our class of 31 videos until now, you’ll learn how to speak Moroccan Arabic/DARIJA, like Moroccans and you will learn at the same time about the Moroccan culture which is very useful to have a good understanding of what is happening around you in Morocco. Also, be able to engage in simple, friendly conversations that signal respect for people and the culture.

The first section contains an important course about how Moroccans transcript Moroccan Arabic / DARIJA with repetitive pronunciations. Then, the rest of the course sections aims to give you the most common vocabulary, expressions, and phrases you can use to speak Darija with locals in different daily situations:

  • Learn what to say while meeting a Moroccan person and having a conversation with him/her with many examples of answers (such as how to greet people, how to say ” how are you “, how to say “thank you”, How to say “Congratulations” to Moroccans in Celebrations and much more…);
  • Learn how to Introduce yourself (Questions and Answers);
  • Learn how to pronounce numbers from 0 to 100;
  • Learn Personal Pronouns in DARIJA, The verb to have in the present tense, Question words, and Useful expressions in your daily communications in Morocco;
  • Learn a list of vocabulary and expressions useful in the Local Market (The Souk) with non-fixed prices to buy, bargain, and how to pronounce the Moroccan currency ” DIRHAM” depending on numbers;
  • Learn a list of useful expressions and vocabulary to speak in the Restaurant;
  • Learn phrases (questions and answers), useful vocabulary for asking for directions, and prepositions in DARIJA;
  • Learn expressions (questions and answers) and vocabulary related to Hospital and Health.

Free DARIJA Course On SkillShare

You can watch our complete Darija course on SkillShare for free thanks to The Free month offered by the platform with full access to Our 31 videos and thousands of classes, mostly taught by experts around the world. Let’s Get Started The DARIJA’s Learning!

Our DARIJA Course on skillshare will be regularly updated by adding new videos about different aspects of Moroccan Arabic. So, do not hesitate to follow the course and if you have any questions, feel free to send us a message on skillshare and we will answer within a day.

The Assignment Project:

The project is divided into many sections. Your assignment is to complete all the sections’ exercises designed to help you practice what is in the class with useful explanations when it is needed.

You can also send us your homework, section by section while you are learning without waiting to finish the whole assignment below in the comments section or on SkillShare.


Option 1:

You download the pdf or the .doc file and the audio file (you will need it in exercise 2 in section 1 about the transcription) containing the assignment attached to our Class on SkillShare.

Option 2:

The full Class Project is available on our Website: Assignment (Password:  inmoroccotravel).


You can send it as a pdf or a .doc file and an Audio file for exercise 2 in section 1 on our class page on the SkillShare platform where you can also write us if needed.

Enjoy the course!

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