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What Moroccan People Eat For Breakfast ?

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There are a lot of delicious and nutritious variations of what Moroccan people used to eat for breakfast, it goes from a simple to a more elaborated combination of different things. Also, it can be savory or sweet, depending on the person’s taste preferences.

In general, a typical Moroccan breakfast table contains either a freshly made mint tea which is the national drink, milk and coffee, black coffee, or orange juice.
Then, the other breakfast elements vary from region to region depending on what each region is famous for and bread is always present.


Argan Oil

Olive Oil

What Moroccan people eat for breakfast


Moroccan savory crackers called Feqqas

Homemade cheesy butter

Green and Black olives


Homemade bread

All the elements mentioned above are found mainly in the typical Berber breakfast and concerning homemade bread, in Berber villages, they make a special one called tafarnout bread as shown in the picture below.

What Moroccan people eat for breakfast

Bissara, Jben and Eggs with Khlii or Khlea

What Moroccan people eat for breakfast

These three elements are popular in the northern Morocco breakfast such as Tangier, Tetouan, Chefchaouen, and their surroundings.

Bissara or Bessara:

Bissara is a soup made from dried fava beans as a primary ingredient and the additional ingredients are garlic, hot red pepper, salt, olive oil, and cumin.


Jben is the Moroccan fresh cheese.

Fried Eggs with Khlii or Khlea:

Khlii or Khlea is the Moroccan preserved meat and Moroccan people are used to having it for breakfast with fried eggs. You can experience Eggs with Khlii in most Moroccan street food restaurants in Morocco.

Meloui and/or Harcha

What Moroccan people eat for breakfast

People of the Kenitra region and its surroundings for example are known to have usually Meloui, msemmen and/or harcha for the breakfast or for a snack.

Have you ever experienced having breakfast in a Moroccan household? what did you eat and what Moroccan breakfast elements did you enjoy the most?

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