About inmoroccotravel Team and Blog:

First of all, you are welcome in our blog about a beautiful country of Morocco.

I am Moroccan berber from a touristic city of Agadir and a big fan of travel since I was young. In addition, I like meeting new people all over the world, learning foreign languages and sharing all what I know about Morocco.

Through this blog, I wanted to share with you things to do and places to go in Morocco. So, you will find information about a must-see places ( historical places, beaches and nature), culture, traditions, celebrations, languages and religion. Also, you have access to some useful information, tips as a traveler in Morocco especially for budget travellers.

We are trying to do our best to answer commun questions a traveler can ask for :

  • Where are best places located ?
  • Transportation tips in Morocco ?
  • Where can I buy what I need ?
  • Best time to visit Morocco ?
  • Languages spoken in Morocco ?
  • How is weather in Morocco ?

Finally, feel free to contact me if you need any information and enjoy your journey in Morocco.

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