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How To Make Moroccan Mint Tea ? | History, Benefits & Ingrediens

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In this article, we will see a little bit of history about tea in Morocco, health benefits of green tea, mint leaves, and we finish by how to make Moroccan Mint Tea like Moroccans.

History of the Traditional Moroccan Tea 

The origin of The Moroccan Mint Tea

There are various theories about the origin of tea in Morocco and one of them say that because of the Crimean War, In the middle of the 19th century, the British East India Company looked for new outlets and it was towards Morocco, more precisely Essaouira (also called Mogador) and Tangier where they have sold their stocks in green tea. Then, Moroccans added mint to it to soften the bitterness of the green tea.

The Moroccan Ritual

Moroccan Mint Tea is more than just a mint green tea, it is a symbol of Moroccan national identity. Served several times during the day, with or without food, and is offered and enjoyed as a sign of hospitality to any visitor of a Moroccan household. Traditionally, Moroccans prepare mint tea in a typical Moroccan teapot and serve it very high which allows it to oxygenate and reveal all its aromas.

Benefits of Moroccan Mint Tea Ingredients?

Mint Leaves Health Benefits :

how to prepare moroccan mint tea;mint leaves

  • Limit the risk of cancer;
  • Limit the risks of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Delay the aging of the skin;
  • Beneficial actions on digestive disorders;
  • Used against infections of the mouth because of its antiseptic properties.

Some of Green tea Health Benefits :how to prepare moroccan mint tea;green tea

  • Limit the risk of cancer;
  • Limit the risks of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Reduce the risk of dental caries.

How to make The Moroccan Mint Tea?

how to make moroccan mint tea;ingrediens;;inmoroccotravel


To make mint tea, you need to have a teapot, cups, and 3 ingredients : 

  • Water;
  • Green tea (  imported from China );
  • Mint leaves;
  • Sugar.

Steps to make mint tea? 

  1. Heat some water;
  2. Put 2 spoons of the green tea in a cup;
  3. Pour a half cup of boiling water on it and keep it for a minute;
  4. Discard the water in a separate cup and keep the tea to remove the first bitterness from the tea;
  5. Pour boiling water again on the tea, pour them in a teapot and fill it with more boiling water (depending on how many teacups you want to prepare);
  6. Leave the teapot on medium heat until it comes to a boil;
  7. Add the fresh mint leaves;
  8. Add the sugars (the quantity of sugar depends on you) and you pour into the glasses while holding the teapot high to foam the sugar and then you drink it hot.

NB: Pay attention to the sugar if you are serving diabetic persons to not put too much of it and the ingredients may slightly vary between regions and seasons.

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