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Famous Street Food In Morocco You Should Try

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Moroccan cuisine is known to be among the best worldwide thanks to its delicious dishes like Couscous, different kinds of Tagine, Bastila, Tangia,…etc. This article lists the famous street food in Morocco you should try.


famous street food in morocco


famous street food in morocco, moroccan pancakeMsemmen

Moroccans are used to eating Sfenj (Moroccan Doughnuts), baghrir (Moroccan Semolina pancake), or Msemmen for a snack with Moroccan mint tea prepared with green tea and mint leaves. The cost of one piece of msemmen or baghrir is 2dhs (may slightly cost more) and Sfenj costs 1dhs. 

Zaazaa Smoothie

famous street food in morocco, zaazaa smoothie

Wherever you go in Morocco, smoothies shops called “Mahlaba” are popular where you can experience drinking different kinds of fresh juices such as what is called in Morocco zaazaa, avocado juice, orange juice,…etc. The Mahlaba is a perfect place to go to when it’s hot.

In general, Zaazaa ingredients are Avocado, Sugar, Raisins, Almonds, Cashews, Milk, Caramel Syrup, Spray Whipped Cream, Orea cookies, and KitKat chocolate bars. 

Harira Soup

Harira is a famous soup you can experience in some traditional restaurants and for Moroccans, it is a must on the breaking fast table during Ramadan.


Chebbakia is a popular honey-coated sesame cookie with a flower shape mainly associated in Morocco with the holy month of Ramadan and special occasions.

So, some weeks before and during Ramadan, you will notice more food shops are selling chebbakia due to the high demand.

Snail soup

famous street food in morocco, babbouche snails

Moroccans call snail Babbouche or Ghlal and this rich and warm dish is served in a peppery broth as a soup. It is among the beloved cheap street food in Morocco, especially when it is cold.


moroccan potato cakes sandwich

Maakouda is a delicious Moroccan little potato cakes and is traditional street food in the kingdom of Morocco served mostly in a sandwich.

Grilled Sardines

Grilled sardines or a barbecue of sardines is also a popular cheap street food in Morocco you should try while visiting for example souks. In general, you can eat 6 or 7 grilled fresh sardines for around 10dhs with a small salad of tomatoes and onion as well as a piece of lemon.

Salty Grilled Corn (LKBAL)

famous street food in morocco, salty grillet corn lkbal

While you are in Moroccan streets, do not hesitate to taste the salty grilled corn which is famous and very cheap. The last one I tried was in the imperial city of Fes (from the man shown in the picture above) and I paid for one piece of corn just 3,5dhs (0.35$).

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