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Famous Moroccan Food You Should Try in Morocco

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Moroccan dishes are among the best ones in the world and as a visitor in Morocco, you have a list of Top 10 Famous Moroccan Food you have to taste while you are in the country. 

Bellow, you have the most known ones and let us know your reaction in the comment section if you already taste some of them. In case you are interested in a Moroccan Food, you can check this Cooking book called ” The Food of Morocco “ containing all the information needed to create stunningly delicious Moroccan meals…

delicious moroccan food cookbook meals morocco
Paula Wolfert is the ultimate go-to on Medterranean, and especially Moroccan, cuisines.

List of Top 10 Famous Moroccan Food


moroccan dishes must eat in morocco tourist

Couscous is a traditional Moroccan dish for lunch on every Friday after coming back from a friday prayer in a mosque. You can eat couscous in almost all restaurants especially in Friday because a lot of them do not serve couscous in the other days because few people ask for it. 

Personally, as a Moroccan, if i do not eat couscous at lunch on Friday, I feel like i am missing something important because it is a part of our Moroccan food traditions. 

Moroccan Mint Tea 

famous drink in morocco fresh morocco mint tea;history;ingrediens;how to make tea

Moroccans drink Mint Tea any time during a day and it has so many health benefits thanks to its ingrediens : Mint leaves and Green tea.


Chicken Tajine

checken tajine in morocco moroccan food must eat dishes

Beef Tajine with Prunes and Almond

beef tajine with prunes in morocco must eat dishes in holiday

Fish Tajine

fish tajine in morocco must eat dishes sea food in morocco

Tajine ( or Tagine ) is a Berber dish as shown in pictures above and the earthenware pot in which it is cooked is also named Tajine.

There are so many types of Tajines with different ingrediens and preparation process.

Tanjia / Tangia 

eat tanjia in marrakech in morocco

best things to eat in morocco tanjia in Marrakech

It is a famous Moroccan food in Marrakech and as a visitor of this city, you can order tanjia in several restaurants around the city. Tanjia may appears like Tajine but it is different and is cooked in a traditional furnace called ” FARNATCHI “, an underground oven which feeds the fire of local Hammam ( very similar to a Turkish hammam ).


bastila best moroccan food to taste in morocco inmoroccotravel

Bastila is a traditional meal and Moroccans serve it in special events like a wedding or in any happy events. 

Nowadays, moroccans make bastila often with seafood or chicken and Traditionally, it was made with pigeon


rfisa delicious moroccan traditionl meal to eat for tourist or traveler in morocco

Rfissa is a popular dish in Morocco and prepared in traditional celebrations. In general, they prepare it wuth chicken, fenugreek seeds, lentils, meloui, day-old bread or msemmen and the blend of ras el hanout.

You can check this cooking book for Recipes of a different kind of couscous and Tagines with plenty of ideas for fresh-tasting salads and vegetable sides to serve alongside and complete your Moroccan style feast.


mechoui in marrakech best traditional dishes in morocco


famous food in morocco;moroccan soup harira;ramadan dishe in morocco

You can find Harira in many local restaurants and moroccans used to drink Harira especially during The Holly Month of Ramadan in the sun set meal ( called Ftour ) when they break their fast.

Grilled Sardine

famous moroccan dishes;grilled sardine;popular food in morocco

grilled sardine;morocco;best traditional food

Eating grilled sardines is something you have to try in Morocco especially in coastal cities because you have more chances to eat a new fresh sardines. Concerning the price, I used to eat in Casablanca a plate containing 7 sardines with a small plate of salad for 10 dhs ( 1$ ).
moroccan food couscous tagines variations recipes

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