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Henna Tattoo Tradition in Morocco

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What is Henna?

Henna is a natural dye plant women apply on a specific part of the body as temporary tattoos, hair, and also for skin care. Historically, you find henna tattoo tradition not only in Morocco, but is also a part of the culture in all of North Africa, West Africa, Afghanistan, Middle East countries, and India where the equivalent Indian word for Henna is “Mehndi”.

The tradition of Henna Tattoo In Morocco

Henna tattoo tradition in Morocco is something mainly associated with women decorating and expressing joy and a good omen. It is inscribed on hands, feet, and also applied on hair. This tradition is always enjoyed on many occasions, such as weddings, circumcisions ” Called LKHTANA”, baptisms Called “Akika”,…etc.

Henna Tattoo Tradition In Moroccan Weddings

Traditionally, Moroccans call the day before the wedding “Henna Day”. The bride goes to the hammam and then they adorn with henna her hands and feet to celebrate Henna Day with her husband, the whole family, and eventually guests. 

Henna tattoo Tradition In Baptism”Akika”

In Baptism, called in Arabic “AKIKA”, the mother of the newborn baby, adorns her hands and her feet with henna.

Henna Ritual Before Hammam

Traditionally, usually before going to the local hammam or having a shower at home, Moroccan women apply henna on the hair for some hours or even overnight and rinse it the next day.

Henna Tradition In Eid Al Adha

In some regions on Eid al-Adha, families used to cover with henna the front of the Sheep’s head.

How To prepare Henna and its Benefits

How To Prepare Henna

henna tattoo tradition in morocco

First of all, you can buy henna leaves and ground them or you can also buy henna powder from local spice shops or you can get it online if you are outside Morocco.

Then, to prepare henna, you mix the powder, warm water, and some additives like lemon juice for a brighter result.

Henna Benefits for Hair 

Henna is the natural alternative to the most commercial hair dyes in the market. It is the perfect solution to cover gray hair or to have copper-colored hair and nourish it from root to tip. Some Moroccan men also use it to dye their beards without using harmful industrial products.

Where Can I find Henna designers in Morocco?

As a foreign woman in Morocco, do not hesitate to experience henna tattoos on your hands or feet and wherever you go in Morocco, you can easily find skilled henna tattoo designers. The local wedding organizer shops always have henna designers who work for them in ceremonies. Jemaa El Fna in Marrakech is full of skilled henna designers making the square a perfect place to experience henna tattoos.

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