Best Surf Spots in Morocco

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Morocco is the only African country with both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea coasts. It is one of the safest beautiful countries to travel to and is becoming famous internationally as a surf country. In the following, we are listing the best surf destinations in Morocco.

International Surf Competitions in Morocco

In 2020, the Men’s Qualifying Series of the World Surf League was held in Taghazout Beach from January 25 to February 1. Moroccan surfers got a chance to compete at a high level as well as to attract more tourists and pro surfers from all over the world like :

Best surf Destinations in Morocco 


The coast of Agadir, thanks to the quality of the waves, the beauty of the city, Berber culture, and delicious Moroccan food, is attracting every year surfers from all over the world. For beginners, from May to August is the best period to enjoy the clean and small waves.

There are many surfing spots in Taghazout village and surrounding :

  • Imsouane: is a small town with two amazing surfing spots (Cathedral and The Bay) and is known for its tranquility and perfect waves for surfing. 
  • Tamri: a beautiful big exposed beach break suitable for all levels. It is located between Boilers and imsouane spots ( 7km from boilers spot).
  • Boilers:  The spot is a 20minute drive from Taghazout village towards Tamri.
  • Killers point One of the most consistent point breaks in Taghazout. 
  • Desert point: It is a small surf camp located at Moknari village, 10 minutes drive from Taghazout.
  • Mysteries: is also located in the Taghazout area.
  • Anchor point: this spot is 10Km from Tamraght and 25km from Agadir city.
  • Hash point.
  • Panorama’s point.
  • Banana Beach: located near Aourir Village called also the Banana village because there are many banana plantations.
  • Devil’s Rocket


The Mogador’s island filters the swell and lets beautiful waves come to surfers. In general, from October to April, you have large swells produced by the Atlantic storms offering excellent wave conditions between 1 and 3m.

Essaouira and surrounding spots : Essaouira beach and Sidi Kaouki.


Safi wave feeds the most fantasy among the spots string in Morocco and is one of the best waves in the world ” Rass Lafâa ” which means ” The head of the snake “.


Dakhla is located in the South of Moroccan with beautiful Sahara landscapes and high-quality waves offering unsurpassed surf conditions in the world. Dakhla’s peninsula, with its long sandy beaches, is considered an exceptional surf destination in the world.
List of surf spots in Dakhla and surrounding: Oum Lamboiur, Arish, Pointe De l’Or, La Sarga, Picahua or Zebela, Jail point, Dragon, Punta Negra, Playa Jera, and Jorf el Hmam.

Morocco as a whole is a very safe country to enjoy a surfing trip.  In 2019, Nearly 13 million tourists visited Morocco, making it one of the most visited countries in Africa. With this high number of visits, the percentage of crime in Morocco is still extremely low.

Surfing in Morocco or anywhere else in the world, there are general safety rules you have to take into account. You should always surf with a partner more experienced than you, you surf in areas corresponding to your skills level and try to ask locals about the wind, swell, and tides conditions before going to surf.

When can I surf in Morocco?

The surfing season in Morocco begins in September and continues until April. From December to March, the country attracts more experienced surfers, especially from Europe, and is the best time to surf in Morocco thanks to the perfect winds and the highest level of waves. 

Do I need a wetsuit to surf in Morocco?

During summer, you can surf without a wetsuit, and in winter, you will need it.

Surf Schools in Morocco?

Morocco is among the best surf destinations in the world and in all its surfing coastal towns, there are many surfing camps and schools.

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