Best Places to Visit in Dakhla, Morocco!

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Dakhla, the capital city of Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab, is world-famous for being a paradise for windsurfing, surf coasting, and kitesurfing. The largest Saharan city holds the true jewels of nature, which you may get a chance to explore while visiting this island. Let’s see some facts, a list of things to do, and places to visit in Dakhla.

Some Facts about DAKHLA

  • Population: 106.277
  • Region: Dakhla-Oued Ed-Dahab
  • Zone: UTC (Universal time coordinator)
  • Latitude: 23.7221° N
  • Longitude: 15.9347° W
  • Airport: Dakhla Airport (VIL / GMMH)

Best time to Visit Dakhla

The world’s best destination for enjoying water sports is located in the South Sahara of Morocco, 400kms north of the Mauritanian border. The medium-sized city of over 100,000 people is the best choice for beach vacations.

However, the region’s weather is good all around the year, but the months between June to November are the warmest. If you want to have beach fun, you can visit here anytime, but July and August are the best moments.

Top 5 Places to See in Dakhla

⦁ Peninsula Monument

The Peninsula Monument of the region is a perfect place to get away from the busy city life. As a calm and peaceful travel destination, it offers a great view of the sunrise, sunset and you can spend an entire day here.

Peninsula Monument;places to visit in dakhla;sahara desert morocco

⦁ Spanish Cathedral

The second travel destination in the list of best places to visit in dakhla is the historical Spanish Cathedral. However, the place is locked now, but you can explore the wonderful Spanish desert architecture skills and click some wonderful photographs. Therefore, the straight lines, curves, and domes enhance the beauty of the Spanish Cathedral.

spanish cathedral;places to visit in dakhla morocco

⦁ Old Dakhla

The old Dakhla is located a few kilometers away from the main town. Here you can explore some oldest houses, the rich culture of the region, the locals’ traditional lifestyle, and many more. Apart from this, you will find a different atmosphere from the rest of the region.

Old Dakhla

⦁ Old Mosque

The old mosque was built by the Spanish community, which is located in the heart of Dakhla. However, if you are not Muslim, then you can’t enter the mosque. However, the old building of the mosque is simply whitewashed, but you can roam around here to explore the Spanish contribution to developing Dakhla and also take some memorable pictures.

Old spanish Mosque; places to visit in dakhla

⦁ Imlili

Imlili is one of the strange things of the region, where you will see over 160 saltwater pools in the middle of the desert. However, small fishes are also living in saltwater pools. The place is located around 100 km south of the main town, which is famous for some adventurous activities and wild animals. Apart from this, there are also several beaches which offer several watersports.

Imlili saltwater pools in desert;places to visit in dakhla morocco

⦁ Oyster Farms

Dakhla city is famous for exporting oysters, mostly to Europe. The oyster farms are among the best places to visit in Dakhla to explore how the local farmers manage to protect water and clean the environment which the oysters surround. The harvesting process is completed by hand to provide extra safety to oysters.

Oyster Farms;places to visit in dakhla

What are the top things to do in Dakhla?

People usually plan a one-day trip to Dakhla, as the small city hasn’t too much to explore. But as per some great travelers, the place demands more than one day to make your trip memorable enough. Therefore, we have worked a lot to gather the top fun things to do in Dakhla, which is listed below.

⦁ Kitesurfing

Undoubtedly, kitesurfing is the most popular thing to do here, but if you are looking for the perfect place to double the entertainment, then visit the north end of Lagoon. However, you may find a little trouble while traveling to the north end, but the enjoyment level will help you to forget the stress.

best kitesurfing spots in dakhla morocco

⦁ Buy Unique Handmade Jewelries

In Dakhla Handicraft Complex, the showcase of rich ancestral know-how, you will find workshops and stalls that sell a wide range of unique handmade jewelry, embroidery, and sewings like the Sahrawi Malhfas and Deraas. One can shop here for some cheap but pretty gorgeous local souvenirs to bring a lifetime memory of the trip.

⦁ Drink Sahrawi Tea   

You may have drunk the Sahrawi tea in other countries, but don’t forget to try a totally different taste. A unique way of preparing and drinking Sahrawi tea is truly a cultural experience, as you have to drink 3-4 glasses that all taste different from each other.

⦁ Swim at the Dakhla Seafront

However, you wouldn’t find locals swimming at the city’s beaches, but we recommend you to try this. You must appreciate the views of crowded beaches and an awesome sunset atmosphere around the area. Do not forget to bring sunglasses and a hat, as the sun is very strong here.

Enjoy delicious fresh seafood

On the Dakhla seafront, you will find several cafes and restaurants, with a nice view of the beach and serve highly delicious Moroccan dishes including fresh seafood. Believe us, every single penny you spend here is worth it to explore Dakhla.

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